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Energy work


Energy work



Traditional Japanese Reiki is a form of energy work performed with a hovering or light touch. It is Universal life force energy channeled through the attuned practitioner to the receiver to assist in any healing process. This very gentle treatment is wonderful for chronic pain management, trauma recovery, emotional processing, healing from injury, headache relief, sensitive areas, and spirit-body exploration. Many people describe Reiki as tingling, heat, electric energy or images during, or after receiving Reiki. This is all part of the magic. Discover for yourself the effervescent ethereal healing that is Reiki.

**Please come prepared to your Reiki session wearing loose comfortable clothing and a fresh pair of socks.


Crystal work

Crystal work is a very earth connecting practice that many people find energetically healing. Crystal body layouts can be done for chakra balancing, emotional support, grounding, transitions and connection with spirit and mother earth. This work can be included in almost any treatment and can be a clearing, relaxing, electric, and unique experience.

**Crystal wrapping is also available upon request and has many options.



Moxibustion is a Chinese healing therapy in which plant matter from mugwort is burned near to the surface of the skin at particular acupuncture points on the body for tonification. This has been used for centuries to stimulate blood flow, invigorate the Qi and warm the body in a penetrating physical and energetic sense. This treatment is especially useful at times of exhaustion, fatigue, immune recovery, and the postpartum period. The heat and herbal properties of the cigar shaped moxa stick restores weakened yang in the system and assists in bringing your being back to harmony and balance. Add moxa to a Thai or Shiatsu massage for a supreme energetic experience.

** Moxibustion is not recommended during pregnancy.