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Meet Alberta


Meet Alberta

Alberta is an Afro-indigenous woman originally raised in the midwest and graduated with an A.O.S. in massage therapy from the Swedish Institute in NYC. She is licensed in Oregon and New York State. She has worked in Portland, NYC, Colorado, and Costa Rica in a range of settings including spas, integrative wellness centers, and yoga retreat spaces. Having completed over 1,000 hours of intensive study and practice at The Swedish Institute, and practicing professionally for over 2 years, she has a detailed understanding and experience of both Eastern 5 element Shiatsu theory and practice including moxibustion, gua sha and cupping as well as Swedish, myofascial, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue techniques. She also utilizes her training in Tuina, Thai massage, reflexology techniques, Polarity, aromatherapy and prenatal to use appropriately for the individual clients' needs. Additionally, she incorporates traditional Japanese Reiki and crystal work into sessions for those who enjoy the added energetic benefits. She constantly keeps in mind the sensitivity of working with trauma in the body and spirit whenever approaching any person.

Clients have most frequently described her touch as warm, fluid, focused, attentive and intuitive. She is always open to learning new modalities and treatments to align and integrate with what clients need. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, spending time with her 3 yr old, gardening, working with plants and crystals, attending cultural community events, writing poetry, playing music, cooking and hiking.

I truly enjoy giving massage, and impacting the lives of clients in finding realignment, peace, and connectedness to their body and spirit. I hope my skills could be useful to you in resolving trauma, and moving forward in wholeness