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The Practice


Trauma informed, culturally attuned

Through exploration of healing trauma in herself, and through her extensive training and caring for others, Alberta realized the deep need for trauma informed, culturally appropriate care in Portland and beyond. It is because of this need that she created this mobile practice. Trauma is unpredictable and different in every person. We can have trauma from so many different kinds of things including intergenerational, racial, sexual, domestic, chronic stress, accidents and injury. Often times this can create feelings of isolation, sadness, overwhelm, or anxiety, preventing people from getting the kind of bodywork they want, in a setting that feels safe. Trauma also creates a physical environment where the nervous system rarely has a chance to let go and heal the body. This practice is designed to meet people where they are in this healing process spiritually, emotionally and physically. With regards to location, sometimes people feel more comfortable doing this type of deep work in a home setting, their own space, or in nature.